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Fruit of Fat ... That is the (Raw) Question.

Published July 10, 2011

A program organized by the East Bay Raw Food Meetup (formerly, Oakland Raw Food Meetup).

Fruit or Fat? ... That Is the (Raw) Question!

Have you heard about "the 80/10/10 diet"—the highly controversial high-fruit, low-fat raw food and lifestyle program? Have you read Dr. Doug Graham's wildly successful book by the same title?

The 80/10/10 diet is based almost entirely around sweet, juicy fruit (all you care to eat), accompanied by tender leafy greens (LOTS of them)... and a very minimal amount of whole-food fat (meaning zero oil). Meals consist of simple, unprocessed whole foods, often only one at a time, but rarely containing more than a handful of ingredients. This sweet, simple way of eating not only catapults elite athletes to unprecedented levels of performance, it also offers incredible health benefits for the rest of us -- even those with long-standing candida, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and other blood-sugar issues.

- Don't believe it?
- Avoid fruit because you believe it's "high glycemic"?
- Think you need to eat "healthy" oils to get your essential fatty acids?

If so ... have we got a Meetup for you! Spend an afternoon with several thriving 80/10/10 enthusiasts.


Meet Robby Barbaro: Robby is a rigorous follower of the 80/10/10 plan ... and a diabetic who eats more fruit in a day than most raw fooders do in a month. Robby currently lives in Santa Monica, where he serves as marketing director for the recently released documentary film Forks Over Knives, which advocates a low-fat (cooked and raw) vegan diet that aligns with 80/10/10 principles. Robby also runs Robby Barbaro, Inc, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching people about low-fat plant-based eating for reversal of type 2 diabetes. For the past three years, Robby has posted stunningly colorful online photos of everything he eats for many days each month. Take a video tour (5:04) of Robby's mind-blowing personal produce inventory. People are SHOCKED to see how much fruit he consumes -- and how well he is thriving!

Meet Josh Fossgreen: Josh is a 22-year-old bass player, fashion model, and 100% raw vegan who eats pounds and pounds of fruit and greens every day. Eating a fruit-based raw food diet has given him superhero energy and focus, made him lean, strengthened his teeth, and saved him from a life of addictive behavior with food. He lives here in Santa Rosa, where he manages and writes for, a resource for information on the high-fruit raw lifestyle. Josh eats as much as he wants, whenever he wants, and says that if eating raw food required any discipline, he'd be out of luck! Read Josh’s new 80/10/10 interview and view his comical “stupid” Banana Cereal recipe video (2:30), both on Dr. Graham’s website. Also visit Josh’s personal website to to check out his phenomenal musical talents! If you’re a bass fan and just can’t wait ’till the 10th to meet him, you can meet him at a local upcoming gig, listed HERE.

Meet Cyrus Khambatta: Cyrus was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at the age of 22, and has since become an 80/10/10 raw vegan. Having followed the 80/10/10 principles for seven years, Cyrus has seen a number of improvements in his health, including a near 50% reduction in insulin administration. He is an avid soccer player, swimmer, cyclist, runner, surfer and weight lifter, and is constantly working towards achieving his athletic peak. In his spare time, Cyrus is studying towards a PhD in nutritional biochemistry at UC Berkeley, with a dissertation focused on the molecular mechanisms that lead to pancreatic beta cell death. Cyrus has worked as a personal trainer for many athletes and non-athletes, and enjoys sharing the gift of athleticism with others.

Meet Laurie Masters: A freelance book editor currently living in Petaluma, Laurie edited and contributed much original writing to The 80/10/10 Diet and has served on Dr. Graham's staff for more than a decade. She also created The 80/10/10 Success Guide, a set of six laminated nutritional charts that detail the macronutrient content of dozens of common fruits, vegetables, and fatty raw foods, as well as a one-page “cheat-sheet” summary of the most important principles of the 80/10/10 program. While working on research for the 80/10/10 book, Laurie began performing nutritional analyses of raw recipes and confirmed for herself what the book asserts: that raw fooders typically eat diets at least as high in fat (and often far higher) than mainstream meat eaters! Dr. Alan Goldhamer hired Laurie last year to perform nutritional analysis for True North’s most recent cookbook, Bravo! (to be released later this year).

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